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Myofascial Releaser

Myofascial Releaser Professional Cupping Therapy Set - 18 Multi-Sized Vacuum Cups with Two Hand Pumps and Detailed Cupping Book - Massage Cupping Set for Massage Therapists

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    Professional Cupping Therapy Set
  • Promote Health & Wellness with Massage Tools - This professional cupping therapy set includes 18 BPA-free polycarbonate massage cups to encourage circulation, lymphatic drainage, and release tight muscles. Used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.
  • At-Home Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy - Everything you need to practice Chinese cupping techniques that have been used for centuries to promote muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and stiffness, and improve overall health and wellness.
  • Vacuum Cupping Massage Set - Electric like pump creates suction to lift skin gently and stimulate blood flow. Allow the polycarbonate cups to glide over knots and tight spots for myofascial release. May help reduce appearance of cellulite.
  • Holistic Pain Relief and Increased Flexibility - Glide these easy-grip suction cups over sore muscles to promote relaxation, ease aches and pains, improve range of motion, and support injury recovery or fitness training.
  • Premium Quality Cupping Supplies for Home Use - Detailed instruction booklet to perform therapeutic Chinese cupping techniques. BPA-free cups, extension tubing, pump, carry case, magnets for added acupressure benefits. Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Size of Cups: #1- 6.9cm   #2- 6cm   #3- 5.2cm    #4- 4.5cm   #4joint cup- 4cm   #5-3.3cm 

Myofascial Releaser Cupping Therapy Set - Suction Cups for Body Massage and Physical Therapy

This premium cupping device provides a complete at home cupping kit for massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and health and wellness enthusiasts.

The medical grade suction cups act as massage accessories to aid muscle recovery, myofascial release, and vacuum therapy. The size options of these Chinese cupping therapy set allow for convenient facial cupping, body massage cupping, as well as treatment of larger areas.

Choose from 18 BPA-free polycarbonate cupping cups, including extra-large cups perfect for back and leg therapy, smaller cups ideal for neck and face massage, and a joint cup. The denser plastic construction ensures these suction cups for body massage can handle pressure during cup therapy, myofascial release, and other massage techniques without breaking.

Use this electric cupping machine device easily at home with included hand pumps for air extraction to create suction. Magnet handles provide a wide grip surface area so cups stay secured. An extension hose allows you to reach hard-to-access spots solo during at home cupping sessions.

The set comes conveniently packed in a hard-shell carrying case with locking latches, making this cupping set highly portable for mobile chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists to bring to client appointments or the gym.

Experience the many benefits of cupping therapy and myofascial release with this complete kit. Learn techniques on how to properly use these glass cupping and suction cup therapy tools with an included instructional booklet.

Feel confident in your purchase with a satisfaction guarantee and free replacement cupping cups for up to 2 years post purchase when product is registered.

**Replacement cups and parts are free of charge, however we do not cover international shipping costs (shipping, duties, taxes, etc.) for replacement parts.

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